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Pink/Peach Perfect collection 1/4


This collection of tourmalines is called "Pink / Peach Perfect" because they are of various colours of pink/peach, the first is a clear vibrant, soft pink set in 14ct pink gold with Pavé set ascending shimmering diamonds on either side.


Tourmalines are the most colourful of all gemstones it occurs in all colours, but pinks, reds, blues, greens, and muli-colour are most  known for their vibrant intense colour.




                                Size M1/2

                                14ct Pink Gold

                                Band width at base 2.3mm

                                Centre stone height 6.85mm

                                Centre stone Tourmaline 0.48ct 7.5 x 5.10mm

                                Accent Diamonds 0.10ct, six either side


                                    Price $1,480.00




JMO jewellery uses the standard UK, Australian, New Zealand for sizing, which starts at A and goes to about Z, with size L,M,N roughly the average for women and size R,S roughly the average for men. There are numerous European and international scales. Conversions between these scales are not always consistent so please refer to the following conversion table to confirm your correct size. Or contact us if you are unsure of your size when ordering.



Wider bands, or a stack of rings, usually need a bit more size.


If you are determining your finger size from one of your own rings using a ring stick (mandrel), please measure at the middle of the shank/band. And again, keep in mind if you are measuring from a thin band but are now purchasing a wider band ring, you must allow additional space.


Download my ring conversion chart PDF…..


Tourmaline Ring 14ct Gold -

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